How To Organize A Mini Concert

Published: 18th January 2010
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The likes of Britney Spears, U2 and other rock bands are the ones to always give spectacular concerts through the use of mind blowing sound systems and jaw dropping visual effects. People must conclude that the producers paid thousands of dollars to create it and indeed, they did. When these concerts are flocked by thousands of spectators and examined by critics, the producers must do a good job to impress and satisfy everyone.

However, for those who just started their own band and now want to showcase what they've got to family and friends, they don't need a million dollar production. Not even a few hundred. If they want an intimate gathering for their mini rock concert and don't know how to do it, here are a few simple steps:

WHEN. The date and time of the concert is the first critical plan that needs to be ironed out. Organizers need to choose the best date so everyone could come. Weekends and holidays are best. The time of the show should be after-work hours so as to make sure nobody misses work, errands or school.

WHERE. The venue doesn't have to be anywhere sizable. An adequate space that can accommodate a mini stage and a few chairs and tables for the audience is enough. Some starters had their first showcase in barns, yards, garages and even living rooms.

WHO. Give out the invitations or concert tickets (to make it realistic) to concerned parties or expected guests a few weeks or days before the show. These guests can be anyone like friends, relatives, and colleagues. The invitation doesn't have to be fancy. They can be spread via posters, email, bulletin boards, or social networking sites. Any means which can serve the purpose of spreading the word out will do.

Be sure to write the date, time and venue of the concert. Additional information may also be added such as parking space, free food and drinks, and so forth.

WHAT. On the day of the event, the stage should be set up. Instruments and important devices should be tested so as to make sure they work. This will also prevent time-wasting adjustments at the start or middle of the show. The audience's lair should also be prepared. Chairs and tables must be placed in order which do not cause discomfort during the show. If free food is offered, be sure to put up a different area for this. Designate people to cater to this part during the show.

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